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September 17 - October 29, 2000:
Thirty Years a Potter
Sandy Brown


Sandy Brown has been a potter for thirty years. The comprehensive collection of recent vessels and sculptures which war originally shown at the Ruffords Craft Centre in England in celebration of her achievement will be presented at the Galerie Marianne Heller in Heidelberg from September 17 to October 29.

Sandy Brown is one of the most vivid of British potters - vivid in what she makes, vivid in her character, vivid in her writing. She is a creative dynamo, a very un-English in the free hand she takes to the making of her pots, her paintings and her sculptures; un-English too in the particular sensuality with which she infuses all her media. It is as if she is led by her material, rather than, at the outset, dictating terms. She has, in fact, stressed the personal importance of finding her way intuitively to a conclusion, in preference to starting with an image pictured at the outset. AT the heart of Sandy Brownís credo is the spirit of immediate insight - she draws and makes spontaneously. It is the instantaneity of the creative decision that really counts.

(David Whiting, 2000)

Although made to be used, Sandy Brown liberates her vessels from the confinements of mere utility by the exuberance of decoration which has become the hallmark of her work.

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