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June 24 – August 19, 2007:
The Still Point and The Dance

Sandy Brown, England

This exhibition is an installation and in two parts. The first is Sandy Browns interpretation of the ritual of the Japanese tea ceremony, whose central idea is ritualised quiet, meditation: The Still Point. All objects connected with the tea ceremony shown in this exhibtion: bowls, jugs, plates, cups, boxes are accessories of civilised hospitality and available for one’s own use.
From the calm of The Still Point comes energy, which will be expressed in the second part of the installation: The Dance. Tall, abstract, exuberantly colourful forms symbolise the female and the male, fertility and joy of life as the essence of The Dance. Beside their special function within the installation, all these objects offer themselves as adornments for private as well as public spaces.

Further information on Sandy Brown´s work to be found in the publication
" Ceramics Art and Perception", Issue 66.


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