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November 25, 2007- January 13, 2008:

30 years anniversary gallery Marianne Heller: "Far East Meets West"

2nd exhibition with

PIPPIN DRYSDALE, Australia- Porcelain

LINES OF SITE - towards the Kimberley Series


Pippin Drysdale: Lines of Site

The landscapes of Australia’s North-West are sources of inspiration for the Australian ceramic artist Pippin Drysdale. The interplay of colours and patterns in the changing light of day is the theme of her Tanami Series of 2001 whose vessels reflect impressions of her sojourns in the Tanami desert. From subtle pastel coulours to primary reds, blues, greens and yellows the artist recreates the whole scale of nature’s prismatic hues.
The new Kimberley Series is expressive of Drysdale’s experience of the Kimberley mountains. The groups of objects which she arranges represent the topography of the Kimberleys, their domed forms, their layers of rocks, their colours, textures and lines of site. By upending her vessels she creates objects whose interiors are no longer accessible or useful: it is these objects’ new purpose to guide the viewer’s eyes along the lines incised into their surfaces and visually connect the groups with each other thus to experience the layering of space, place and light of the Kimberleys which once impressed Drysdale so deeply.






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