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November 25, 2007- January 13, 2008:

30 years anniversary gallery Marianne Heller: "Far East Meets West"

3rd exhibition with



Suku Park, Korea

"30 years after I left Korea, I returned to my home country to work as a professor at the Fine Arts College of the Seoul National University.After so many years spent abroad I had to adapt to my new surrounding again.Now I am enjoying it, and my work has been changing continuously.
Part of my recent works were made in Korea last year, are lightobjects as wallpieces influenced by the city life. I also prepared special pieces for the Heidelberg exhibition in Posio, Lapland, in an environment and nature I like very much and where snow and frosty temperatures help me to concentrate 120 %."

Read more on Suku Park in this document: Curriculum vitae Suku Park



Wouter Dam, Netherland

Wouter Dam was born in Holland. His sense of beauty seems to have been fostered by nature itself or the daily environment surrouding the artist and what he perceives in it with his acute and sensitive eyes.

His work is thrown on the wheel, which is a technique typical of ceramic making. The clay form endowed with a certain spaciousness created by the throwing movement is then cut off and reunited to get freed into a wider open space. It is as if the form discards the walls that divide the inside and the outside and infinitely proceeds the expansion like a ripple.

A variety of colours is part of the language of the piece that speaks softly, strongly and silently to us in front of it.




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