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May 1- May 18, 2008:
Exhibition and Gallery anniversary´s party



Thomas Bohle

Thomas Bohle is especially interested in double-walled vessels in which the strongly differing exterior and interior shapes form a deliberate contrast. This is also frequently echoed in a contrast of colour. The construction of the forms is often conceived in such a way that the glaze runs down the vertical wall forming glaze droplets on the lower edge. Fired in a open reduction flame, the oxblood and the celadon glazes reveal their true beauty.

Thomas Bohle`s wealth of imagination in regard to form and perfect technical implementation hits the nerve of our times with their proximity distinguished modern design. In addition to technical, material-related formal and aesthetic qualities his work tends towards conceptional clarity in the field of ceramics creativity.

With his work, he proves that the ceramic vessel is a topicality as a means of artistic expression.


Chen Liang

Born in Shanghai in 1975, Graduate of the Fine Arts College of Shanghai University. Descendant of a well reputed family of artists, taught by his father when he was still a young child. Founder of the ceramics workshop " Ling Kiln". Lecturer at the Fine Arts College of Shanghai since 2001. Considered to be one of the most remarkable young chinese painters.



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