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November 22, 2009 - January 10, 2010:

Claire Curneen, GB - Expressive Sculptures
Jane Hamlyn, GB - Colour, Space and Form


Claire Curneen

Claire Curneen's figurative ceramics command a quite yet charged presence. The figurative pieces often refer to images of Christian Iconography, quoting narratives which hold much relevance today.

The figures encompass elements of human experiences: love, loss, suffering and compassion. Although the work often provokes an awkward silence, they always embody hope. The translucent, delicate and the ethereal nature of porcelain lends itself to the understanding of her work. The textural finish is central to their making with dripping dribbles of glaze and gold accentuating the rich quality of the porcelain.



Jane Hamlyn

Though still recognizable as pots, Jane Hamlyn’s new Leaning Cylinders have a formal clarity and a minimalist, more abstract intention. The largest are extraordinarily commanding objects, embodying the most basic shape of containment, voluminous structures which give the space they inhabit a remarkable sculptural energy and rhythm, while the smaller porcelain pieces have a softer more intimate expression.

Here also is a new kind of controlled throwing – the forms may appear simple but, wheel-thrown then altered, cut and joined, their skillful inclinations and tensions are complicated and taxing to make. Jane Hamlyn, a doyenne of saltglazing, has developed some superb new colours– mottled grey, inky blue, yellow-green, lustrous gold, vivid matt orange, rust-red, yellow ochre and the palest pinks – surface engobes and glazes which act as a perfect foil to the austere contours. Singly, in pairs, or in a grouped arrangement as a distributed art object, their subtle variations of form and varied spatial interactions are convincing as pieces of sculpture and satisfying in a purely aesthetic sense.

They have such certainty and clarity as pots, yet they also share some of the qualities of Richard Serra’s sculptures. With their sensitive contrasts and unities of colour and form, their surfaces variously matt and lustrous, they convey a powerful sense of how the most abstract conceptions can really excite the eye and satisfy the intellect.




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Opening: Sunday; 22 November, 11.30 a.m - 18 p.m.
Introduction: Prof. Hans Gercke, Heidelberg

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