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October, 3 - November 14, 2010, exhibition extended until November, 21


Pippin Drysdale - Porcelain

Helen Britton - Jewellery


Colour in the work of Pippin Drysdale

Over the last quarter century Pippin has been refining her forms, her materials and her colour palette to create a unique body of work that is a response to various landscapes. Although an urban based artist, she seeks out places that have a special character or a resonance, such as the Tanami Desert in central northern Western Australia. Once she has absorbed the site, she carries its colours, patterns and ambience back to the studio, where she patiently re-creates their glow and echo in the delicate web of glazes etched into a brushed onto the surfaces of her elegantly shaped forms. The process of analysis, review and revision continues until she is convinced she has captured the character of each new place.

Statement by Helen Britton

The supermarket, the half assembled fair ground, the chunks of roller coaster, the building site, fragmented images from the general debris of high density living. I observe in these places potential to combine materials to form structures and concoctions- this is a real source of wonder, I see this all around me, and it is this transformative process that brings about an intense fascination. That I make jewellery, drawings and paper objects and not fun rides, buildings or gardens is a good thing, because I am building in a way a very private world, that accepts no compromises. The scale of my work allows my full range of fantasies without requiring communication and without leaving a legacy of public monstrosities - instead I leave these modest little machines and landscapes for wearing. My practice is accumulative, experimental and heterogeneous, faithful to my life experience. It is also a conscious dialogue with matter, form and ideas.

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