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April 15 - May 26, 2012

About Buildings and Vessels...

Michael Moore, Ireland
Svein Narum, Norway



Svein Narum
Svein Narum


Svein Narum


Svein Narum
Svein Narum


Svein Narum


Michael Moore


Michael Moore
Michael Moore


Michael Moore


Michael Moore


Michael Moore


Michael Moore


Michael Moore



Sculptures by Michael Moore, Ireland – vessels by Svein Narum, Norway
It is contrasts that are the main characteristic of the latest exhibition at the Galerie Heller in Heidelberg, with work by Michael Moore and Svein Narum: “ Von Gebäuden und Gefäßen”
… ( Of Buildings and Vessels…” ). The sculptures of Michael Moore - born in 1968 and trained at the National College of Art in Dublin – are reminiscent of smooth, wind-eroded rock formations or models of postmodern, genlty curving architecture: dynamic, arcing forms but with hard edges and projections, breaks and fractures in the organic silhouettes. Grey, blue or black markings delineate sparingly the strecthed or upright white forms, as if they designated the power and direction of forces at work on them – fascinatingly elegant objects with a cool sense of abstraction.  In contrast, how sturdy and practical the ceramics of the Norvegian Svein Narum ( b. 1951 ) appear – they almost seem warm and domestic. The ceramist artist, who trained at the College of Art and Craft in Bergen, makes domestic ware in the best sense: oval or square slabs in earthenware, footed bowls, full-bellied jugs, often with considerable dimensions. With skilled gestures, he decorates his pots with rapidly scored ornaments on yellow slip, that allow the red-brown clay to shine through, filled in with honey-colour and green – entirely in the tradition of the best functional wares, but with such generous delicacy in the details as can only be produced by a true artist.


About Buildings and Vessels

Irish ceramic artist to exhibit new work in Heidelberg

Work by Irish ceramic artist Michael Moore will feature in a new exhibition in Heidelberg from 15 April to 26 May 2012 at Galerie Marianne Heller, one of the leading galleries for contemporary ceramic art in Europe.

About Buildings and Vessels represents new works that have been developed over the past twelve months by Michael Moore and by Norwegian potter Svein Narum.  This two-person show was offered to Moore and Narum following Intonation, the 2011 ceramics symposium in Deidesheim, Germany.

Visitors to the exhibition will have an opportunity to view Moore’s cool abstract sculptures reminiscent of rock formations abraded by wind or of models of postmodern architecture which feature grey, blue or black lines marking the white elegant forms.  In contrast, Narum’s ceramics are warm and domestic - oval and squared plates, well rounded jugs covered with yellowish slip and painted in green and the colour of honey, reflecting traditional domestic ware but with the finesse and freedom only an artist can offer. 

Moore describes the last two years as a time of reevaluating his own work on a journey that began in Philadelphia in 2010 and continued in China before returning to Europe. “At that time I started questioning what were the next steps for my work”, the artist explains. “These were uneasy questions. I began to think about the vessel again, containment, and surface deconstruction, always underpinned by inspiration from the natural and built environment.”

For Moore, the collection of pieces presented in About Buildings and Vessels is the beginning of a very new body of work, and one that has presented several practical and conceptual challenges. “Yet it represents a constant desire to push and challenge my ceramics in a forward direction, questioning old presumptions and pursuing new nuances in my work,” he concludes.

About Buildings and Vessels was funded through the Crafts Council of Ireland's External Exhibitions Fund and Research Institute for Art and Design Funding from the University of Ulster. The Crafts Council of Ireland’s External Exhibitions Fund was set up to increase awareness and grow the profile of Irish craft both nationally and internationally through stimulating and rewarding the development of professional exhibition skills in makers and curators of craft.

Commenting on the announcement of About Buildings and Vessels, Karen Hennessy, Chief Executive of the Crafts Council of Ireland, said “The programming of this exhibition at such a prestigious gallery reflects a growing appreciation for the international standard of contemporary craft being produced in Ireland today. We are therefore delighted to support About Buildings and Vessels. I would like to congratulate Michael Moore on securing this engaging and visually stimulating exhibition with Svein Narum and wish both artists every success.”


Opening, Sunday April 15, 2012 11:30 - 18:00

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