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July 22 - August 5, 2012

Jewellery Art by Helen Britton


Helen Britton, Australia



Junkyard Funpark

That I make jewellery, drawings and paper objects and not fun rides, buildings or gardens is a good thing, because I am building in a way a very private world, that accepts no compromises. To enfold matter into itself, to transform it in unpredictable ways comes out of a love of materials, out of a sensation of pleasure in simple qualities: colour, texture, form and their affect on my senses.
I always had empathy for objects, and in my practice in recent years, I have become more specifically interested in collecting those awkward and sometimes ugly fragments, those hidden beauties, those components that were intended for life as jewellery. I try to provide them with a new opportunity, a chance to sing again or to sing at last. I have a great clamoring collection, all demanding attention, each one such a handful that I keep them tucked away, restless in their boxes, waiting for their day to shine. It is their oily smile, their rugged gesture, the thrust of their metal, the giggle of the plastics, the wink of glass, the jungle of material emotions locked in these fragments, that I am looking to give room for expression.


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