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January 1, 2013 - December 31, 2013

1978 - 2013
35 Years of Marianne Heller Gallery
A preview of the anniversary program in 2013


Since Marianne Heller founded her gallery in 1978 in Sandhausen near Heidelberg this specialized gallery became instantly a respected institution in the international world of ceramics. Firstly focused on British Leach-school influenced pottery she expanded the galleries sphere over the years crossing nationalities and genres always presenting first class exhibitions. Without any exaggeration we have to consider: With patience, skills and engagement Marianne Heller had established an unique showroom. There is no other professional gallery for contemporary ceramic art in Germany operating as a global player and showing contemporaries from all over the world, from Germany and Europe, the States, Latin America and – last but not least – from Japan. And so 35 years of Marianne Heller`s gallery give a good reason for an anniversary program of superlatives!

And it is a spectacular start: From the 3rd of March to the 28th of April there is the only chance in Germany to see the works of one of the greats in British avant-garde ceramics: Gordon Baldwin – „Artist – Painter – Poet“. On occasion of his 80th birthday last year Baldwin was honored with an an ongoing retrospective exhibition in English museums titled „Objects for a Landscape“. Once trained as a ceramist and painter he is considered one of the most influential pioneers expanding the vessel into the field of sculpture. Since the 50s inspired by painters like Paul Klee and natural objects like stones, clouds and landscapes Gordon Baldwin explored the possibilities of his matte monochrome vessels being an abstract volume and also a medium for a kind of minimal-painting of signs and lines.

In the same way high leveled is the next anniversary exhibition: „Line, Surface, Space“ presenting new work of Mexican Gustavo Perez (*1950) from 12th May to the 7th July. His worldwide shown vessel-objects are evocative of their Latin-American origin in an intricate manner although they are extremely elaborate and actually current. Precise cuts and dotting sometimes becoming an ornamental net on the unglazed stoneware surfaces make the altered works both organic and artificial, complicate and minimalistic. Gustavo Perez will his kind of working on 15th of June in the gallery.

It is impossible to have a gallery anniversary without Sandy Brown (*1946) from Great Britain. Three exhibitions in the Heidelberg gallery made the living and freshly painted table ware, objects and sculpture popular. This years show “A Feast for the Senses” from 21st of July to the 25 of August will be a climax of the jubilee: The exhibition opening will be the festivity for artists, customers and friends of the gallery: You are welcome!

Japans contribution must not be missed – from 8th of September to the 17th of November: “Porcelain at its finest!” The 4th exhibition in collaboration with YUFUKU Gallery Tokyo presents new work by celadon magician Sueharu Fukami (*1947), vessels of unreal blueness by Yoshiro Kimuras, (*1946), organic white vases by Akihiro Maetas (*1954), delicate objects by Shigekazu Nagaes (*1953) and blue dotted bubble sculptures by Harumi Nakashima (*1950) – masters of masters of porcelain art!

The anniversary finale of 2013 will be a double jubilee: „A long way to go... - Gruppe 83”. From 1st of December 2013 to the 10th of January 2014 this exhibition celebrates the 30th anniversary of the German artists` association Gruppe 83. All artists are members of the International Academy of Ceramics Genève: Karin Bablok – Antje Brüggemann – Michael Cleff – Dieter Crumbiegel – Monika Debus – Cathy Fleckstein – Christa Gebhardt – Beate Kuhn – Renée Reichenbach – Elisabeth Schaffer – Kyra Spieker – Vera Vehring – Fritz Vehring – Gotlind Weigel – Gerald Weigel – Friederike Zeit.



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