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July 21 until August 25, 2013

Sandy Brown  "A Feast for the Senses"

A Feast for the Senses is an exhibition which unites my two favourite concerns; a visual celebration of colour with form and a love of using dining ware for everyday feasts.

There are some tall forms; inspired by the shipping lane buoys I see around me on the coast where I live; abstract assemblies of shapes and colours which have resonances with the ancient gods; with spirit guides; with human guardians.

There are some strong vessel forms using rich black clay which serves as an earthy counterpoint to the inlaid porcelain clay; so that the colours sing on the clear white porcelain and are contrasted with the coarse rough black. If its true that pots are humans in clay form, as Bernard Leach and others have said, then these show a full-bodied robust persona with a vibrant joyous playful sense of fun.

There are some painted platters; I love painting freely with the coloured glazes which have such depth; to do them I let go and am truly in the Now; they are evidence of a meditative highly alert state of being.

And there are glorious grand dining ware pieces; tureens, raised platforms; enough pieces for a wonderful Modern Banquet.

This is my best show so far!

It is a real thrill to be showing with Marianne Heller again in her beautiful gallery. I hope to see you there!






Opening    Sunday July 21 11:30 - 18:00

Opening Speech: Dr. Sabine Runde, MAK Frankfurt

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