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1. December 2013 to 12. January 2014

"A long way to go"

Double anniversary exhibition
35 years of Marianne Heller Gallery
30 years of Gruppe 83

Gruppe 83 was launched in 1983 with the aim of promoting contemporary ceramic art in Germany. Since then, it has organised countless national and international exhibitions, often involving invited guests.

Members of the group are not bound by any specific artistic concept – whether they create vessels or sculptures, what unites these individualists is their use of clay as an endlessly variable material. They are all members of the Académie Internationale de la Céramique in Genf, which, for the last thirty years, has functioned as the leading authority in this particular artistic field – the Mount Olympus of global ceramic art.

With its thirtieth anniversary exhibition entitled “A Long Way to Go”, this exclusive group, with its current 15 members, is presenting itself as part of a double anniversary celebration at the Gallery – an exciting prospect!

Karin Bablok, Antje Brüggemann, Michael Cleff, Monika Debus, Cathy Fleckstein, Christa Gebhardt, Beate Kuhn, Renée Reichenbach, Elisabeth Schaffer, Kyra Spieker, Vera Vehring, Fritz Vehring, Gotling Weigel, Gerald Weigel, Friederike Zeit



Fritz Vehring Beate Kuhn Kyra Spieker

Cathy Fleckstein

Antje Brüggemann
Christa Gebhardt
Vera Vehring Gerald Weigel Karin Bablok
Friederike Zeit
Elisabeth Schaffer
Renée Reichenbach
Monika Debus
Michael Cleff
Gotling Weigel

opening hours:

Opening: Sunday, 1 December 2013, 11.30 - 18.00

Tue - Fri  11 - 13 & 14 - 18
Sat  11 - 18
December 31, 2013 closed
Sunday 12 January 1014, 11 - 18


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