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9th September – 4th November

ANNIVERSARY EXHIBITION - 40 years Galerie Marianne Heller


The gallery will celebrate the fourtieth anniversary with a show presenting works by leading ceramic artists from fourty countries. All of them are members of the Académie Internationale de la Céramique (AIC), which is an official partner in the cultural sector of UNESCO. The show will be opened by Jacques Kaufmannn, its president, on 9th September and will last until 4th November.

Over the past decades the range of my gallery has extended far beyond the claims of ist beginnings and gained an international reputation as a forum for ceramic art. The gallery attracts ceramic artist from all five continents.


VILMA VILLAVERDE I am honoured      Argentinia GREG DALY I would be delighted      Australia GUNDI DIETZ Gerne nehme ich teil      Austria MIEKE EVERAET I´m very pleased      Belgium STEVEN HEINEMANN I will gladly participate      Canada PASCALE LEHMANN I am pleased to participate      Chile ZHOU DINGFANG I´m very honoured      China HANIBAL SALVARO Thank your very much for your invitiation      Croatia JINDRA VIKOVÁ thanks for invitation      Czech Republik MORTEN LØBNER ESPERSEN I am very pleased and honoured      Denmark PATRICIA LEON LEON I gladly send one of my pieces      Ecuador ANNIKA TEDER I´m glad you invited me Estonia      JOHANNA RYTKÖLÄ Es freut mich wirklich und ich bin sehr dankbar      Finland JACQUES KAUFMANN I am going to come for the opening ceremony      France LIA BAGRATIONI It is a big honour      Georgia MARTIN MÖHWALD Ich freue mich sehr      Germany MARTA NAGY thanks you for your kind invitiation!      Hungary ANJANI KHANNA I would very much like to participate      India MICHAEL MOORE Delighted to be involved      Ireland SHABANALI GHORBANI Congratulations, I would be happy      Iran ESTER BECK The idea to celebrate it with an AIC Exhibition will be wonderful      Israel SATORU HOSHINO I would like to participate your grand Anniversary Exhibition      Japan JURIS BERGINS Thank you for the invitiation to participate, I send you my work to this Grand Exhibition      Lativa DORIS BECKER Vielen Dank für die Einladung, die ich gerne annehme      Luxembourg GUSTAVO PÉREZ Congratulations for the forty years of your gallery Mexico      MARIA TEN KORTENAAR It´s a great honour to be part of your exhibition      Netherlands SYLVIA NAGY I am honored to participate along with other great artists      New York MARIA KUCZYN´ SKA With great pleasure I accept your invitation to this importantExhibition      Poland YOOJOO KIM I can tell how much I appreciate this honour       Republic of Korea CIPRIAN ARICIU Thank you so much      Romania LANA RAKANOVIC´ I must say I´m honored that you have invited me to be a part of your gallery      jubilee Serbia ALVIN TAN TECK HENG I´m so happy to receive your invitation      Singapore DANI ?BONTAR With great pleasure I would like to exhibit in your gallery      Slovenia RAFA PÉREZ Of course I will be happy to send you one of my works      Spain ULLA VIOTTI I will be most happy to take part      Sweden PHILIPPE BARDE I will be pleased to participate      Switzerland BERIL ANILANMERT I will be very happy to take part, Heller Gallery is well known for exhibiting high quality works of art      Turkey YURIY MUSATOV Thank you for your letter, I can send my work      Ukraine KEN EASTMAN Thank you - what a lovely invitation to receive      United Kingdom PETER CALLAS Thank you for your invitation and I´m honoured to be in your Anniversary Exhibition      USA




Sunday, 9th November 11:30 – 18 pm

Ghosts, Jacques Kaufmann, Frankreich, 65x40cm, 75x40cm


Jacques Kaufmann, France
President of the International Academy of Ceramics

opening hours:

Tue – Fri 11 – 13 & 14.30 – 18pm
Sat 11 – 18 pm and by appointment

closing event:

So, 4th November 2018 11 – 18 pm

exhibition site:

Galerie Heller
Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 2
Im Stadtgarten
D-69117 Heidelberg

Tel: 06221 - 61 90 90


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