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From 24 March – 5 May 2019

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Ken Eastman


Ken Eastman (*1960), in 1995 winner of the Premio Faenza, and in 2001 of the Gold Medal at the World Ceramic Exhibition is by no means unknown in Heidelberg: his work was first shown in Germany in 1991 at Marianne Heller's gallery for English ceramics in Sandhausen at an exhibition with the title Aspects of Sculpture, subsequently in 1993 in Towards the Future, 1997 in a solo exhibition, once again in 2002 in Heidelberg with Lawson Oyekan, in 2007 in a double exhibition with work by Ruth Duckworth, in 2014 in Interplay with Suku Park. In the past 18 years, Eastman has not significantly altered his style, from the outset ingeniously adapting influence from Futurism and Cubism. His latest work too is unmistakable, although it has subtly evolved, becoming more complex and playful. The artist combines sculptural techniques in his works assembled from stoneware slabs and decorated in restrained colours. They are mostly still based on the vessel, some open, others closed, some combined with an open form, but always composed around a notional centre, progressing in slow stages, often taking weeks, during which the artist says he tries to "think with his hands".
Inland green
Let me tell you
Nearing dawn


Sea change


Spring morning
Supper at Emmaus
Years go by
You thought you knew
About time
Covering ground
For the time being
Hilly's song
Home roads


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