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From 6 December 2020 - 31 January 2021

Keizo Sugitani, Japan - Arvid Boecker, Germany

extended until 21 February 2021


KEIZO SUGITANI, who was born in Osaka in 1959, calls his sculptures Shadows Crossing or umbra vitae. They are abstract, interlocking structures, most of them with a focus on the vertical, featuring individual sharp edges that lend these compositions a dynamic aura. Merely delicately textured, their surfaces are reminiscent of real skin. Their gray-black glazes are livened up by shades of rustic colors, such as earthy brown or dark moss green. The clay they are made of is from the Shigaraki area, which has a long tradition of kiln-firing ceramics.
We can interpret these creations as abstractions from the real world, as interconnected elements of a society - different yet combined to form a whole. They can also be regarded as man and woman, lovingly entwined, as a miracle that allows two bodies to coalesce in space and time.

ARVID BOECKER was born in Wuppertal in 1964. Like Sugitani's sculptures, his works, too, evoke subtle associations with nature - sometimes because of the colors used or because they are also described as fields.
Boecker's works are highly individual, delicate and expressive, either multicolored or almost monochrome. They feature dense or translucent layers, allow the beholder to perceive different levels of depth, radiate an aura of tranquility and serenity, His paintings don't have titles as such. But serial work numbers indicate that Arvid Boecker allows memories or associations to serve him as starting points for his work.
Text: Dr. Britta Buhlmann, slightly abridged


Keizo Sugitani, umbra vitae, H63.5 x W27.5 x D21
Keizo Sugitani, umbra vitae, H51 x W28 x D12cm
Arvid Boecker, #1230
Arvid Boecker, #1249
Arvid Boecker, #1375
Arvid Boecker, #1377


Sunday, 6th December
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Sunday, 31th January 2021
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