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June 17 to July 21, 2001:
Figures of Cheerful Life
Ceramic Sculptures


Congenial with the season this summer's central event will be an exhibition of sculptural works which celebrate the joy of living, our zest for creative, vigorous productivity, our desire to relate with the world and people. Ceramic artists who have made sculpture their great theme are invited to exhibit their realizations of Figures of Cheerful Life.

13 artists from European countries will contribute representative examples of their work.

Contributing artists: Anna Noël, Philip Eglin, Michael Flynn, Craig Mitchell, Sophie Combres, Stefanie Dinkelbach, Freia Kurtz, Theresia Hebenstreit, Marija Hooft, Gerda Smolik, Christy Keeney, Ute Thiel, Thomás Proll


opening hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: 11 a.m. to 18 p.m.

Sunday, May 06, 11 a.m.
Opening address: Carol McNicoll, London and Frank Nievergelt, Zurich


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