Special exhibitions 2001


gallery program

January 21 to February 18, 2001:

Stefanie Hering (Germany) - "Stefanie Hering - A Woman’s Vision of Clay"
Poetical lucidity and modernity of design have become the hallmark of Stefanie Hering's work in porcelain. After taking her diploma as a master potter in 1992 she used the traditional material of porcelain to develop her very personal ceramic style whose purist idiom as attracted worldwide attention and won her various awards. Stefanie Hering’s creations achieve extremes of elegance, combining the material’s potentials of translucency and its seeming fragility with quite unusual forms and volume. Today she is an internationally acknowledged artist whose work can be found in important private and public collections.

March 18 - April 22, 2001:

Thiébaut Chagué & Anne Bulliot (France) - "Two French Cermic Artists"
This exhibition, which is the gallery's contribution to Heidelberg's Long Night of the Museums (March 31), will present works by two internationally recognized French ceramicists who both live in Alsatia near the border between France and Germany.

Saturday, March 31st, 7 p.m. - 3 a.m.

Participation in Heidelberg's "Open Night of Museums and Galleries"



May 6 - June 3, 2001:

Homage to Ewan Henderson
With his death on October 6 last year, Ewen Henderson left behind a great number of people who mourn the loss of a friend and one of the great ceramic artists of the second half of the twentieth century, and there are many among them who owe him encouragement, inspiration and support. In the ten years before he died Ewen Henderson took a very lively interest in my gallery where I had the good luck and fortune to show his work on various occasions in either solo or group shows. It is in gratitude to a remarkable man and artist that I am showing a memorial exhibition from May 6 to June 3, 2001.

June 17 to July 21, 2001:

Figures of Cheerful Life - Ceramic Sculptures
Congenial with the season this summer's central event will be an exhibition of sculptural works which celebrate the joy of living, our zest for creative, vigorous productivity, our desire to relate with the world and people. Ceramic artists who have made sculpture their great theme are invited to exhibit their realizations of Figures of Cheerful Life.

September 23 - October 28, 2001:

Claudio Casanovas (Spain)
Claudi Casanovas (born 1956 in Barcelona) is one of the most elemental of ceramic artists, someone who expresses that particular Catalan spirit of material and process, an alchemy of clay and water, a "register of fire" as he has put it. This approach may be highly visceral, but he is not concerned with any direct evocation of geology and terrain. These are independent objects, and ones that test and celebrate the purest qualities of this fired earth --the flux of the materials, given permanence in an art of simplicity and power.

November 25 to December 20, 2001:

Takeshi Yasuda & Felicity Aylieff (Great Britain)


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