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November 25 to December 20, 2001:


Takeshi Yasuda has made himself a name as the maker of very fluidly thrown stoneware dishes. For quite some time he has developed a fascination for porcelain which is a material as beautiful as it is difficult to handle. Many things which he could do in stoneware are no longer possible in porcelain, so that he was forced to abandon most of his old techniques which he knew and adapt his skills to the requirements of the new material. With new methods of making he explores quite new realms of expressions in imaginative and eccentric serving dishes for use in everyday life. They will be shown on what is his first presentation of porcelain ware in Germany.

Felicity Aylieff's sculptures explore rhythm and movement. They are subtle and simple in form with rich, exotic and tactile surfaces. Her recent sculptures are large in scale, often stark in form and command a powerful presence. Sensual and ambiguous, these forms do not offer themselves for easy interpretations: their smooth, rounded, ripe and swollen forms keep their secrets behind surfaces with a visual intrigue which may well be regarded their most important quality. The sculptures are constructed of a fine clay that has inclusions of coloured clay grogs. After firing, the objects are ground and polished, so that the material acquires a very distinct and emotionally satisfying richness and depth.

Takeshi Yasuda
Felicity Aylieff

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